Much like the community we live in, the family at Trinity is made up of a range of people from a variety of cultural and spiritual perspectives.   There are some who have grown up going to church, some who are returning to church after walking away at some point in their past, and some who are just beginning their spiritual journey.    Wherever you find yourself. even if you aren’t sure if Christianity isn’t just wishful thinking, we invite you to come and see for yourself that God is real and faith is absolutely reasonable. and even more importantly, discover that He offers salvation to all who will recognize their inability to earn it on their own, and who turn from their sin and put their whole trust in Christ to save them.

We are a small, growing congregation of less than 100.  Our church is an
Evangelical Free Church. The E-Free church is congregational in government.  Our full-time senior pastor, Rev. Ken Aune - along with three other men from our congregation, make up the Elder Board which oversees and cares for our entire church.  In addition, there are several Deacons and Deaconesses, along with Ministry Coordinators who oversee specific ministries within the church.  “Congregational in government” means that our local church governs its own affairs.  Within the local church, the highest human authority rests in the congregation.