At Trinity, many opportunities are available to connect with others.  Whatever your areas of interest are - fellowship, service, prayer, Bible study, membership, outreach, leadership - there is sure to be a place for you in the Trinity family.


Email us indicating your area(s) of interest and we'll help you get connected!


Fellowship Opportunities 

Ministry Opportunities

  • Christian Education
          - Teachers - children & adult
          - Nursery care workers
          - Toddler care workers


  • Cleaning team
  • Sunday morning ushering


  • Meal Coordinators


  • Outreach ministries


  • Local outreach
  • Global outreach

Prayer Team


  • Sound technicians
  • Musicians

Men's Ministries

Women's Ministries

Bible Studies


We believe membership in the local church benefits both the church and the individual. Membership does not provide salvation (only faith in Christ and His death on the Cross to pay for your sins can do that), nor does it preserve salvation (only abiding faith in Christ and obedience to His Word does that). Rather, membership is a formal identification with the local church, which provides nurture and spiritual care. Membership also provides accountability, which we all need as sinners.

The basic requirements for membership are a declared faith in Christ for salvation and agreement with the EFCA Statement of Faith.  There is also a short application that asks for a brief description of one’s own story of coming to faith in Christ.  The Elders of the church review the application and conduct a short interview, after which they recommend membership approval to congregation members at one of our congregational meetings.  A prerequisite for formal approval of membership is attending “Welcome to the Family” - a study of the history, doctrine, and organization of both Trinity and the EFCA.  Pastor Ken hosts this home study and is offered a couple of times a year.  Although we welcome the involvement of our regular attendees in the life and ministry of the church, members have an increased influence on the direction and nature of the church’s ministry.  Only male members may serve as Elders; only members may serve in leadership as Deacons and Deaconesses.  All members may vote on matters that come before the church at our Congregational Meetings.

We encourage all who have decided to make Trinity their church home to formalize the relationship and become a member.